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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to decide to remodel their homes. Here at Sunny Builders Groups, a top-tier general contracting company in San Diego, California, founded by Sunny Barak, we can make remodeling easy for you. Hiring us will help you turn your dream home into a reality.

Benefits Of Our General Contracting Service

Here are the benefits of hiring a general contractor from us:

  • Attention to Detail
    A general contractor can take care of all the details in your construction project and make sure they are planned out well.
  • Eco-Friendly Techniques
    General contractors often find the perfect solution using techniques that are environmentally friendly.
  • Efficiency
    A general contractor understands the saying that ‘time is money.’ Thus, they make sure to efficiently bring to life all the beautiful details of your home remodeling plan and still stick to your budget.
  • Basic and Advanced Designs
    Hiring a general contractor helps bring your vision to life in basic and advanced designs that will suit your home.
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General Contracting Procedure

You can contact us for a free estimate and for further consultation.

We will be listening intently to your vision and goals for this project during our initial meetings. This way, we will understand your short and long-term goals and your likes and dislikes.

Your current design will be assessed by our professionals then a plan will be created based on any gaps that we discover, ensuring that the plan stays true to your personal goals. We can finalize the layout and the floor plan together. After the approval of the final design, we will be obtaining all the permits that are necessary for the construction phase to begin.

A variety of quality control checks will also be employed before construction to address any unanswered questions. Once we have defined the scope and designs, and made the necessary refinements, we are then ready to start.

Why Choose Sunny Builders Group For General Contracting?

The San Diego area is filled with different general contractors so why should you choose us? Here is why:

  • We are made up of licensed professionals who know what we’re doing and are good at what we do.
  • We compensate our workers fairly for the job they do and ensure that they are satisfied.
  • We have the expertise necessary to bring your project to life.
  • Our workers have a unified bond that allows them to work seamlessly on the field with near-perfect efficiency and cooperation.
  • We know the San Diego landscape like the back of our hands and are therefore an expert in all the various ways to optimize any property in the area.
San Diego general Contracting- Sunny Builders Group


How do you choose a general contractor?
Most of the time, a client hires a general contractor based on recommendations from friends. However, you can also look at the past work of that specific contractor and see if they’re able to align with your own personal vision for the project. You should also check they’re reputation and see if they’re worth hiring.

Why do you need a general contractor?
General contractors hired by clients who are building a house or considering remodeling their existing property. Contractors are useful because they:

  • Act as project manager and oversee every step of the construction, relaying every relevant development to you
  • Allow you to the best subcontractors and best building materials to ensure the quality of your new home
  • Deal with the more burdensome aspects of building a home such as acquiring the necessary permits
  • Have a good grasp of project costs and can help you stay on budget

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