Concrete Paving San Diego

At Sunny Builders Group in San Diego, California, founded by Sunny Barak, we can offer you high-quality concrete paving services. We have invested in the latest concrete mixing equipment and technology to provide nothing but the best workmanship. Whether you require repairs, or additions or are planning an entirely new project, we have you covered.

Benefits Of Concrete Paving

Here are the benefits of employing concrete paving services:

  • Improves strength and durability
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Have your outdoor flooring solution be professionally done and installed
  • Improve the look of your home or establishment and add appeal
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Procedure of Concrete Paving

Clients can contact us for a free estimate and a consultation as we discuss their plans for this project.

Whether it be for a repair or a brand new installation, we are more than willing to hold initial meetings where we can discuss in length your goals and ideas. Our team of professionals will assess your design and correct any gaps that they notice.

Once the final design has been approved, we will then work on acquiring all the necessary materials and permits for the project. Then, after everything has been settled, the construction project will then begin.

Why Choose Sunny Builders Group For Concrete Paving?

It’s no secret that there are other companies offer concrete paving services in the San Diego area. So why should you choose us?

  • We do not charge by the hour.
  • Our team of experts are fully licensed and boast of experience that allow them to do their jobs well.
  • Our workers are also all fairly compensated and are kept satisfied with the benefits they receive in return for their stellar performance.
  • We are also fully insured and are kept up-to-date with all the safety regulations. We can also provide proof of insurance, if you would like.
  • We have a close bond here at Sunny Builders Group. This allows for improved coordination and a seamless workflow that results in a higher quality service rendered.



What happens during the concrete paving installation process?
This process can take up to five days to complete, depending on your chosen design. The installation typically includes:

concrete paving services San Diego- Sunny Builders Group

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Sub-base compaction
  • Installing geotextile fiber
  • Preparing the base
  • Base compaction
  • Preparing the sand
  • Laying concrete pavers
  • Border cutting
  • Bond beams preparation
  • Stone compaction
  • Sealing the pavers

The first step of the process involves designing the layout, which involves working with us to determine the design and materials needed.

How much does concrete cost per square foot?
The prices for concrete paving and installation can vary depending on the location of the site and the materials used. Although concrete pavers cost much more than standard concrete slabs, it does have a higher return of investment as it requires less maintenance.

What type of maintenance does concrete need?
Although concrete pavers do not need that much maintenance, you still need to clear the joints of weeds every now and then. Fortunately, quality concrete paving installations can help limit the growth of weed and thus further limiting the amount of maintenance necessary. If you notice any cracks or splits, you can contact us for a quick and easy repair.

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